The Swiss Startup Association SSA
Startup Manifesto
Give the SSA a strong voice speaking out for all Swiss startups
by help us crafting our joint political agenda.
Let us know what you think are the most relevant challenges the Swiss Startup Association should address on behalf of its members to make sure the next unicorns are coming from here!

One star = don't bother
Two stars = will not hurt and might have an impact
Three stars = an absolut must, if we can't solve this, it's a big draw back

Feel free to add your own suggestions, too!

All it takes are 5 minutes of your time!

Let's work on financial, governmental support ...

Enable access to non-dilutive funding (e.g. loans)

Allow direct financial support (funding) for startups within CTI projects

Assure good (or better) access to EU grants and funding


How about non-financial aspects?

Facilitate licensing of ETH/EPF/University/FH/HET-owned patents and IP

Build public services for trademarks and patent editing, research and filing


What are your most important tax and legal challenges in Switzerland?

Valuation and taxation of non-tradable startup shares

Getting work permits for international employees

Facilitating company registration and legal setup

Access to legal document templates (employment contract, CDA, etc)


Beyond Switzerland, what about support for going international?

Support accessing international investors from individual to family office to institutional investors

Establishing an international presence of your startup

Access to international, non-dilutive funding options


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